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In the Words of the Faithful and Hopeful

Read what people have to say about the Christian faith-based books and poems of Dr. Owen Watson.


The Christian faith-based books and poems of Dr. Owen Watson has garnered critical acclaim from readers around the world. Read what some of them have to say about it. For more details, contact us in Newport News, Virginia. We look forward to hearing from you!

Prayers for Life's Journey

Preparing the body for true success – I rated this book as 5 stars because in my opinion, it shows success as far more than wealth and material things. It represents a guide to true success from the inner soul to the outer layers of the body, and its environment. It's a preparation for success by feeding the whole person: Spiritually, emotionally, mentally, socially, and physically.

I definitely would recommend this book to those seeking true success or just wanting to be a better you.” ~Classie N.

Relates – It’s not so often you find a book that you can totally relate to and once you do it becomes so much more than a book. It becomes almost a part of your life and how you wish to continue to live. Betting on Me definitely does this and I am very appreciative of the author for doing so. Thank you.” ~Miguel

Must Read! – What an amazing read! Truly a roadmap of lessons learned at a very personal level.” ~Michael H.

Looking at things from a different perspective – Not only a great real but a must read.... third shift hours are now “Betting On Me” hours... I am most definitely enjoying this book...” ~Kerrie K.

This book was spot on!!!! – If you are looking for a book that will help you to grow spiritually, physically, and mentally then Betting on Me is that book. Dr. Owen helps you to dig deep within yourself and find that powerful you that will help you to be all that you can be in life. An excellent read! Get your copy today!” ~Amazon Customer

Must read book – it truly inspired me – This book is a must read book. It teaches you so much about life and how to be better. Regardless of what people have told you, reading this book will certainly help your growth. This book is very motivating and teach you a lot about life.” ~V. L. Smith

Betting on me! - What an awesome title for and Awesome book!! Alot of times we bet on everything but ourselves! But this book is truly an inspiration on how to grow and succeed and be a better you!” ~Travis

Betting on Me: Revelatory Concepts for Success

Definitely NOT just another prayer book! Surprise, surprise! – What a breath of fresh air...there are so so many prayer books out there but many of us know that laughter is said to be one of the best medicines. I could easily locate the topic needed, go directly to the need, have a laugh, gain direction, and pray it through to the finish line. Wonderfully written, easy to read, share, and repeat. Thank you, Dr. Watson for meeting a well-evidenced need in a times like these.”  ~RiRi

A knowledge and prayer tool – For those of us who pray and believe in prayer, we understand that it can -and usually does- change how we view ourselves, situations, and God Himself. 'Prayers for Life's Journey' provides ways to communicate with God that are broader and richer than we would have, because the prayers are based on His attributes and character. God described Himself as 'I AM'- when we approach Him through prayer as our Healer, Provider, Protector, Advocate, etc., we are assured, through His own Word, that He is the solution to our needs.

'Prayers for Life's Journey' is an Excellent book that will take your prayer life to a new level! It broadens your knowledge about who God is and equips you with the tools to approach Him reverently and confidently in prayer. You will not be disappointed!!”  ~Dr. Ramona W.

If you need guidance this is the book for you. – I loved this book very informative on helping guide you through life with prayers. I learned so much and it helped uplift my spirit. Continue being a blessing to others.”   ~Natasha

Understanding the relationship of scriptures and prayer – I’m sure we have all prayed for yourself, for someone or something. Many pray when in times of sorrow or to comfort or even a prayer of thankfulness. But have we ever thought about prayer in relationship to scriptures? Often times we pray, but not sure what or how to pray. Finally a book of prayers with guided scriptures. Prayers for every one and every experience as you travel through life. As I started reading my book, "Prayers for Life's Journey" I found myself not reading page by page, but scanning through with a focus on prayers and scriptures that relate to what I'm going through daily. This book is my new guide through life's journey as I encounter obstacles and successes; as well as days of feeling grateful or days when I feel discouraged or feeling down. This book is a must have! I feel like this book was written personally for me. I have even purchased extra books to give to people I know who often says, "Pray for me" Sometimes it's better to also pray for yourself with guided scriptures so you'll know exactly why and what you're praying for. This way, you can better explain why you're asking for prayer.

If you have not purchased a copy of Prayers for Life's Journey, I recommend you do so. And to the author, Dr Owen Watson, thank you for your wisdom, inspiration, and prayers in the writing of your book, ‘Prayers for Life's Journey.’”  ~C. Neely

Inspirational – This is a classic writing that is straight from the authors heart. This book is a must for those who have a difficult time communicating with the Almighty God.”  ~Enoch

Defeating Cancer One Poem a Day

Love this book – I’m so inspired by this book from Dr. Owen Watson. He has put a lot of time and dedication into this book. It’s one of the best books of the year. I highly recommend everyone read this book, it will motivate you in more ways than one. Thanks Dr. Watson for always giving back.” ~V.L. Smith

Po’ Man Ain’t Got Not Much Say

Couldn’t put it down! – I love this book. The story draws you in from the very beginning and is relatable to daily life. Very well written. I am definitely recommending this wonderful book as a must read.” ~T. Moore

Good for the SOUL – I am not the best at writing reviews. BUT i took a listen to this book and i was hesitant on what to expect. Who is the Silas Riverton guy and why do i care. Well when i started playing the book, i wish i could have just sat there and listened to it all the way thru, i listen to books while in traffic. And this one will have you interested from the beginning. The Life of Silas as he struggles thru life, with problem after problem where he Blames GOD yet prays to GOD and accepts his divine intervention. This book is about living life and making mistakes, but putting your faith in GOD and he will put you on the right path, lead you to where he wants you to be. As Silas goes thru his life Journey, impacting the lives of family and Friends, God is there leading the way. I highly recommend this book, you won’t regret it. Thank you DR Watson for another great book!” ~STEELEMONKEY

A must read! – Very relatable and many lessons learned that can be used in everyday life.” ~Miguel

Relatable and enjoyable read – This book definitely drew me in and made me place myself and others in its place. A lot of lessons learned and relatable. Must read!” ~J. Harrison

What Matters Most: Family, Friends, and Foes

A Great Devography! – "What Matters Most: Family, Friends, and Foes" is a fusion of biography and devotional and it was both a great read and a blessing. There are some books I read because I know they are good for my spiritual or intellectual growth, but the actual time spent reading them is sort of like eating my asparagus. I know it's healthy, but not a lot of fun. "What Matters Most" is more like eating a great hamburger and you still know that it is good for you. Owen Watson takes the reader on his life's journey and clearly lays out the different but critical influences his family, friends, and even his foes have had in his growth as a person and a Christian. Each chapter discusses a significant part of his life and provides interesting and helpful tie-in inspirations at the end. The reader may or may not have had similar experiences as Mr. Watson, but the tie-ins help the readers apply his lessons to their own lives.

The last part of the book has poems and personal philosophies. I am not a big fan of poetry, but found myself highlighting some of the passages because they were surprisingly inspirational. His personal philosophies were actually very good proverbs and I ended up highlighting many of the passages so I can go back to them.

"What Matters Most" is a fairly fast read and one you will be glad you did.” ~AC Buddy

The Reason for the people in your life – This is a very enlightening journey to believing, achieving, and living a Christian's life. The trials and tribulations of one men's life encompassing his faith from childhood into adulthood is a clear understanding of what nearly every Christian will experience in their walk. Fortunately, my brother Owen "Jack Green" Watson has been blessed with the opportunity to witness to us through his newly release book, "What Matters Most: Family, Friends, and Foes." It is not only an autobiography but a book of inspiration, overcoming, and understanding the people in his life and yours. It is a terrific read for those who may be struggling with the question of "WHY?" or questioning your faith. It is also a source of reinforcement in one's Christian faith. You will not be disappointed but, instead, driven to live a full and fruitful life.” ~People R Saying

What Matters Most: Family, Friends, and Foes – When the author spoken about being banished from fellowship with men in his unit. I could feel his disbelief, his confusion and his feeling of rejection. Owen Watson was now the black sheep of his unit because he wouldn't conform to man's wishes (induction).

Quote from the book Brother Owen stated

"Part of the reason for my decision was based on what a group of us was told-" unless you go through the process you will not be known or considered as one of us, you will be "blackballed ", it will be hard for you to find help when you're out in the field because we only help one another, and not non-members.

He said that he knew his Christianity was being tested either go with the crowd or follow God. His Daniel moment he chose God's process and found peace. The writer used the word ostracized meaning: be exclude, by general consent, from society, friendships, conversation, privileges and ext.

From the book I learned that living a life of integrity cannot conform to what the world think is right but is transformed by God's word and led by the Holy Spirit. I have enjoyed the book greatly looking forward to the next one. Thank you Owen Watson for sharing your heart” ~C. McPherson

Greatest Awakening for Everyone… – Great read...Full of encouraging words and inspirations to live by....This book shows how everyone can benefit when their apart of God's plan. What Matters Most????? Family, Friends, and Foes was a eye opener for me and I would encourage everyone to purchase and read it...If your headed down the wrong path this book will build your discernment and help you to hear and understands the path God has for our lives....” ~Letha

An easy, inspiring and sweet read – This was a very inspirational book - the author uses his own stories of life growing up and life in the military to help paint a picture that whatever experiences we have in life, good or bad, are all ones that God has put into our path to teach us something, and if we know this and are aware of the signs, we can use those experiences to become all that God has created us to be.” ~Amazon Customer

Outstanding! – This book is encouraging, inspirational, and uplifting as the author gives an exceptional outlook of the immense Power of God throughout the ups & downs of his journey through life. Bravo Zulu...” ~Enoch

A KEEPSAKE! – What an outstanding piece of work!!!! Very glad that I've purchased and read this book; and, strongly encourage others to do so as well - it will definitely inspire you!!!” ~Amazon Customer

Loved it! – Definitely an inspiring and uplifting book that speaks from personal experience. The experience (struggles and blessings) itself transcends into knowledge making the entire read a relatable experience that's easy to learn from. After receiving the book, I managed to complete it within 24 hours. From the stories, to quotes, and perspectives shown, it's evident that there's always people to learn from, whether they're family, friends, or foes.” ~Amazon Customer

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