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Finding Hope in Faith

Our Christian faith-based books and poems not only inspire but also keep you engaged through the authenticity of reality.

Books Offered

Be inspired by reading the scriptural revelations of Dr. Owen Watson as well as the positive life changing stories presented by Turn the Page's team of authors.  Our Christian faith-based books and poems not only inspire but also keep you engaged through the authenticity of reality.

All paperback books authored by Dr. Watson are affordably priced at $10.00-$15.00 via Amazon




"Seasons of Life" - 2024

"Sign Here" - 2024

"A Song in the Timing I Needed" - 2024


We must make and seize the time to appreciate God for who He is and what He brings to each day!  Day provides insight to each of the seven days of creation and rest, which the goodness of God is exemplified in its purest form of His grace towards us since the beginning of time.  This is a sure way to honor Him in time of reflection and being thankful - He is worthy!  (Released January 2023)

Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

It's in Their DNA: What & Why Men & Women Do Not Ask & Do Not Answer

Available on Amazon and Barnes and NobleAvailable on Amazon and Barnes and NobleHow many times have you said or thought, “I wish I had known…” about your mate? Probably more times than can be counted. Well, join the rest of us in the boat who have been or are in serious relationships. We’d hoped that the waters traveled would be smooth sailing before being unexpectedly hit with tumultuous waves. Why unexpectedly? Because we were so encapsulated by the boat in the calm waters stationed at the dock, we didn’t bother checking the forecast of what lay ahead. Much like a relationship, we see, we like, we commit. What we don’t do is thoroughly investigate before setting sail. No need to fret. In It’s in Their DNA: What and Why Men and Women Do Not Ask and Do Not Answer, Dr. Watson provides a compilation of questions and answers to help us learn and understand our mates.

          Now more than ever, many have become apprehensive of pursuing relationships leading to marriage, partly because of the misconception that it isn’t worth it. Nothing can be further from the truth! What makes a relationship worthwhile is the work that is built upon with a potential lifetime partner – creating something special based not only on love but in-depth knowledge and understanding of one another. That is a great feat and testament to others!

          It’s in Their DNA: What and Why Men and Women Do Not Ask and Do Not Answer reminds us that putting God’s word into action produces promising results. His Love illustrated in scriptures, keeps us on track—and best of all, it’s perfect for guiding our relationships through the seas of life. No more feeling unequipped in a relationship when we can turn the pages for understanding and believe God for the best to come!  (Released August 2022)

Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Relentless Grace: Behind the Scenes of Men

(Released January 2022)

Men, how are you doing?

Relentless Grace—Behind the Scenes of Men presents true life accounts, as poignantly told by men from various walks of life. Each riveting story delves behind the emotional, physical, and spiritual scenes of 10 ordinary men, and deliver firsthand details of how each man handled certain confrontational gut-wrenching, takedown situations. Sometimes there were failed results and other times there were successful results. Regardless of the outcome, the one constant factor was the relentless grace of God showing up time after time, proving His faithfulness in times of their faithlessness.

Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

[State] is Fighting Cancer One Poem a Day

(Released December 2021)

Aim your love toward the fight against cancer!

In support of cancer awareness and research, I've written and published this series of 51 books containing 365 daily inspirational poems.  Each book is personalized to represent the 50 states and Washington, D.C. joining the fight against cancer.  In the spirit and season [every day] of giving, 90% of all proceeds will be donated to various organizations working on the front line of spreading cancer awareness and conducting research for a cure.

Not only will loved ones and victims affected by cancer be encouraged through the writings, but each purchase will allow for many lives to be positively impacted by the furthering of awareness and research.

Available on Amazon

Behind My Glorious Smile

(Released September 2021)

What is behind a glorious smile?

Going through a life of promiscuity, suicidal thoughts, rape, depression, and teen pregnancy can be overwhelming enough to destroy any person. Now imagine for a few moments having each of these overbearing weights placed in your “bag of life” beginning at the tender age of eight! For Antoinette, this was the reality she contended with for years to come. Although some of the weights were placed in her “bag of life” by others, she unashamedly and courageously admits that others were placed there by immature decisions she’d made. Regardless of how the weights got into her “bag of life,” she somehow persevered with the strength to smile in spite of.

In this remarkable and extraordinary autobiography penned by Antoinette, we are taken behind the scenes to the source of her smile – God’s grace, mercy, and love. She candidly and, at times, grittily tells of inconceivable circumstances that transpired throughout her young life. However, with a seed of faith being planted within her at birth by God and watered by her grandparents’ fervent prayers, God’s increase in her life would come through the ‘dirt’ of her experiences and the beauty of a sustaining smile. Antoinette’s story is sure to touch and ready hearts for the realness and faithfulness of a loving God, proving that He can take whatever you’ve been or are going through and turn into good!

Available on Amazon

Prayers for Life's Journey

(Released April 2021)

Why Pray?

Being human, we all emotionally share in life experiences – some good and some not so good. Those ‘experiencing’ moments translate to defining who we are as well as whether we’ll remain stuck or overcome those certain situations; thus, allowing the ‘experience/fate’ to determine our outcome. This is where prayer can, and oftentimes does, make the difference. Prayer doesn’t necessarily make things work out in our favor (although it can or may), it gives us the strength for bearing the weight and powering through while simultaneously instilling character and opening our eyes to a bigger picture. Prayer is more than a ‘go-to’ when needed, it is just as important to have a prayer life in moments of uncertainty and stillness as well.

In his upcoming release, Prayers for Life’s Journey, Owen illustrates helpful and carefully directed distinctive prayers for various circumstances we commonly encounter. He further delves into the construct of prayer, which opens our eyes to how we’re to view, accept, and reverence God and His workings in our lives. This book is sure to be a game-changer for inciting powerful prayers, developing a deeper relationship with the Father, and enhancing faith. You’ll surely and quickly find Prayers for Life’s Journey to be more than a self-help read but an active part of your life’s journey.

Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Betting on Me: Revelatory Concepts for Success

(Released September 2020)

Why Bet on Me?

That is a question that only you can answer because you are the one doing the betting. You are taking the responsibility to control you, your actions, and by defining what success is to you. You have been counted out far too long and, sadly, you have not utilized the tools you possess to get up. Your concentration of success ought not to be hinged on past failures and what others deem you to be. There is someone greater working within you, standing-by to catapult you in purpose as well as physical, spiritual, financial, and life successes.

By the end of Betting on Me…, you’ll understand why you are a winner, how to achieve and balance physical, spiritual, financial, and life successes, and how to use the power within responsibly, wisely, and for a grander purpose that could very well impact everyone in your world.

Available on Amazon or Barnes and Noble

Defeating Cancer One Poem a Day

(Released: June 2019)

Can cancer be defeated?

That is a question many ponder for a hopeful answer. Although it has been an ongoing battle throughout centuries, research is tirelessly pressing forward to eradicate cancer altogether with a cure on the verge of being discovered. However, in the meantime, families and friends seek to continually provide some form of encouragement to those who have fallen victim to various forms of cancer. Nothing can soothe the soul and uplift a person’s spirit as well as affirmative words of support.

To assist in comforting victims and loved ones affected by cancer, Dr. Watson seeks to provide a daily dose of inspiration through his gift of composing 365 poems in his latest book, Defeating Cancer One Poem a Day. From talking with many victims and loved ones affected by cancer over many years, he realized in most cases a simple word of encouragement speaks volumes in times of need. The need oftentimes occurs during moments of being alone whether by choice or happenstance. To address such a need when it arises, Dr. Watson suggests starting each morning by reading an encouraging poem to positively condition the mind, soul, and spirit in preparation for whatever the day brings.

Let’s join the fight together for a better tomorrow by ultimately eradicating all forms of cancer worldwide and defeating cancer with one poem a day.

Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Po’ Man Ain’t Got Not Much Say

(Released: April 2019)

When what you say isn’t enough…what’s left to do?

It may be that most every person alive has heard or thought at one time or another, “Why don’t they just listen to what I’m saying?” Ironically, more often than not, many of us have been identified as the “they” spoken of. When it seems that words aren’t being heard, it is as though you’ve helplessly expended all your energy, resulting in what we consider to be wasted time. Some of those moments’ drive emotional levels of hurt, stress, pain and, at times, a feeling of being unappreciated. After all, we only want to be heard and for others to know that we are vesting in their best interest and have absolutely no intentions of steering them on the wrong path. Additionally, we unconsciously convince ourselves that we have the answer for others based on our experiences, education, relationship to them, age, and, sometimes even ethnicity.

Sadly, in the midst of the many words spoken and emotional upheavals, peace gets disturbed, relationships become ruined, and respect becomes sacrificed.

What can be done to get a point across to someone without having negative repercussions and creating turmoil? Dr. Owen Watson attempts to answer that question through his fictional novel, grounded in real-life circumstances, Po’ Man Ain’t Got Not Much Say.

Well-acquainted with the struggles of being heard, Dr. Watson challenges you, the reader, to know when to be silent and allow God to do the speaking for you. Oftentimes we like to credit ourselves for His work. Each time we do, we distort and create a distance between His will and our want.

In helping others maintain peace, stable relationships, and ongoing respect, Dr. Watson exposes the significance of…

  • Being silent; listening
  • Comprehending; communicating
  • Appreciating; forgiving

Misleading presumptions are key factors that result in responses of “missed” communication, ultimately damaging relationships. For us to gain wisdom and understanding, we each must be willing to empty ourselves of devalued responses based on presumptions. This can only be done when we come to realize and accept communications of love and truth to operate on our behalf, thus, we become as Po’ Man Ain’t Got Not Much Say.

Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

What Matters Most: Family, Friends, and Foes

(Released: November 2015)

Author, Owen Watson, strongly believes that everyone has been through life’s ups and downs and each trial one encountered must have taught them a thing or two about life. In this soulful account, Watson lifts the lid on his personal experiences and his long-held beliefs that describe “What Matters Most: Family, Friends, And Foes.”

This book reflects on the positive extraction of some of life’s everyday ups and downs that aim to make people better for tomorrow. Whether its family, friends or foes, Watson is convinced that each play an intricate part in the making up of who or what people ultimately decide to achieve in this life.

“This book will appeal to readers because it pertains to the commonality of experiences as a whole and pulls forward positive answers to the subliminal questions of how anything positive can result from negative,” Watson shares. “It also highlights how seemingly insignificant positive gestures really do become significant when we cease to take them for granted.”

Owen hopes that by sharing his insights, readers will have answers to what matters most and press forward in God’s joy. It is his own joy to share the positivity and light that guides him forward in life.

Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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